20220514 fps event

A VIP and his escort called for an emergency rescue, on their way to earth their 890jump ran out of fuel Rules:

1-Every ship and tactic is allowed (obviously no glitch or bug abusing)

2-Do not destroy VIP Ship

3-The attacking team will have to destroy the defending team (UEE Navy) and board the VIP ship, the Vip will have an escort of maximum 3 people (in case we’re going to use the 890 the shield will be down so you can shoot the airlocks with ballistic weapons to open it)

4-Do not kill the VIP (VIP won’t defend it self and won’t run around the ship, to avoid missfire he’ll stay in a room completely unarmed)

5-After 20 minutes from the start a starfarer will arrive to refuel the VIP ship

6-You can destroy the starfarer

7-You can’t use the turrets in the 890jump

8-1-life event, if you want we can do more than 1 round The event will be in deepspace so it will be smoother and no comm array

9 no turrets for defending team in 890

10 vip needs to have civilian clothes


We clear all enemie ships on the outside before we try to enter the 890

We are going to use one

fullmaned redemeer banjo pilot

One Ares ION BT pilot

On pisces Siner
that is not in the fight until the space is clear

Team 1 Banjo, oi_ozzy, siner, hikowa
Enter the fights from front hangar after team 2 & 3 enters the ship from the docking ports

Team 2 KIT velk exo , zxdos
Enters left docking port

Team 3 BT, nynja, carlito, icy,
Enters right docking port