2023 and Teamspeak

For next year, we will put energy into improving our communication even more. During the year, we have used Teamspeak at some events for communication between different parts of the mission management.

At all future events, Teamspeak will be a requirement for the various leadership roles. Since leadership roles vary between events, it is good if as many as possible have teamspeak installed.

Read the guide to get started yourself or welcome to a short info and config help meeting.

Guide Teamspeak: https://7hillsindustries.com/docs/teamspeak/ (logged in members only)
Meeting link: https://discord.com/events/750778068712554606/1051655916317048977
Read also the Agent guidelines – Rules and Etiquette in-game and in comms https://7hillsindustries.com/docs/agent-guidelines/ (logged in members only)

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