3.18 is coming!

Dear Citizens

As we approach the release of the 3.18 patch, we would like to provide some important information for those of you who may be experiencing your first major patch. In addition, we would like to outline some measures that we will be taking to assist players in getting back on their feet during the initial weeks.

Please note the following:

It is highly recommended that you backup your control profiles. Occasionally, your controls may be randomly wiped, and any adjustments that you have made may be erased. To avoid this, your controls can be found in your USER folder within the LIVE or PTU version. It is advisable to create a backup of the entire file to ensure that your preferences are not lost.

During the first few days of the 3.18 patch:

  • Our primary focus is on encouraging players to engage with each other
  • You will notice that there are voice channels for Mining, Salvageetc
  • Feel free to participate in any of these if you would like to be part of the action. Please ensure that you are as inclusive as possible, and make space for others who wish to join halfway through.
  • If you prefer to engage in your own activities while being surrounded by others for chat and laughter, voice 1 and voice 2 will remain as general hangouts.

Above all, it is crucial to have fun! New patches, particularly after a wipe, can result in an overwhelming urge to grind relentlessly. However, remember to take your time and enjoy the journey. Although the next wipe will remove all of your prized possessions.

We hope that this information is helpful and we look forward to experiencing the 3.18 patch with you.

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