3.18 Release and Our Upcoming Schedule: Looting Events, Industrial Day and 7Hills Hangout

We are all filled with excitement and energy for the 3.18 release. Below is the schedule for when it will be launched to the PU (Persistent Universe).

Starting Tuesdays, our organization will hold looting events. We will go on missions and participate in other activities to acquire armor, weapons, and other gear to sell on our weapon shop, www.7h.defence.space.

Thursdays, we will be starting our industrial day. Our miners and salvagers will be out in the verse having fun and earning money as a group. Don’t miss out on Thursdays if you want to fly a fully manned Aegis Reclaimer.

Sundays are dedicated as our 7Hills hangout and chill day. Don’t miss the opportunity to come and socialize with the rest of the 7Hills crew.

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