7Hills Industries 2953 July Report:

Welcome to this month’s report where we’re focusing on the exciting world of medical gameplay. Our spotlight is on a notable non-profit rescue organization that’s making a difference with its free services and innovative features. As the gaming economy evolves, so does the landscape of medical gameplay. Will free services remain, or will a fee-per-use model prevail? Stay tuned as we explore these compelling questions.

Pioneering Non-Profit Support orgs in the Verse – Slipstream

In a Verse as expansive and unpredictable as ours, having a reliable lifeline is invaluable. Enter Slipstream, one of the largest non-profit, and the most technically advanced Search & Rescue organizations in the Verse, dedicated to providing support “For You. For Free. Forever.”

Launched in April 2952, Slipstream, also known as SLIPSAR or Slipstream Search and Rescue Corporation, quickly gained recognition for their state-of-the-art rescue system and relentless dedication to the community. They have garnered an impressive roster of over 340 volunteers since inception, rapidly growing and expanding their reach.

The Backbone of Slipstream: Security, Science/Logistics, and Medical Division

Slipstream’s operations are multifaceted. They have three dedicated rescue units, each providing indispensable support to the community.

The Security division ensures protection for all, while the Science/Logistics division ensures smooth and secure travel with a focus on crisis management and duty of care compliance. The crown jewel of Slipstream, however, is their Medical division, a fully trained and ready force available 24/7/365 to provide award-winning recovery and medical triage services.

An Innovative Approach to Rescue: The Slipstream Corporate Bot

In a bid to make rescue services more accessible and comfortable for players, Slipstream has developed their Corporate Bot, a Discord add-on designed to streamline the process of requesting assistance. This unique system enables users to request assistance directly from their own servers, eliminating the need to switch platforms in a moment of crisis.

Once the Corporate Bot is added to a server, it automatically creates a new category named “Request A Rescue” and a new channel called “Rescue Me” where rescue requests can be sent with a single click. Furthermore, Slipstream takes great care in ensuring that the Bot operates with minimal permissions, thus promoting a safer user experience. The commitment to user-friendly and secure interfaces signifies Slipstream’s earnest dedication to the community in the Verse.

A Glimpse into the Future: A Conversation with Slipstream’s Chief of Science & Logistics, Sarlacc

Recently, a conversation with Sarlacc, the Chief of Science & Logistics at Slipstream, offered insights into their philosophy and operational plan. When asked about funding, Sarlacc emphasized that as a fully volunteer-based organization, Slipstream is not presently concerned with finances. Several members are involved in trading and mining, generating ample funds to assist new players.

As for client retention, Sarlacc highlighted the friendliness and responsiveness of the Slipstream community. The organization does not aim to compete with other service providers, focusing instead on meeting the needs of the community. Success in their efforts is reflected in their steady stream of returning users.

Looking to the future, Slipstream’s commitment to maintaining free services remains unwavering. The organization plans to rely on the generosity of those they assist, who often provide “tips” to their rescuers. These contributions often exceed the initial investment in the rescue, thereby contributing to the organization’s operational funds.

Looking Towards the Future: The Sustainability and Quality of Free Services

The world of medical gameplay is preparing for significant shifts, underscored by the operations and strategic future planning of various organizations offering critical services within the game. Recently, we engaged in a conversation with one such organization that is currently providing free high-quality rescue services to all players.

We also chatted with SquaZ, the COO, and KODIΛC, the CEO from Meadreapers, to understand their orgs vision and plans.

MedReapers currently offers their services for free, but as the game’s economy stabilizes, they plan to shift to a per-use charge model, using the in-game currency, aUEC. “Membership is free. We will charge per use, depending on the type of service we provide,” SquaZ explains.

In the evolving medical gameplay field, what sets MedReapers apart? SquaZ clarifies, “At the moment, our services are free because there is no real economy in the game.” However, once the game economy stabilizes, they plan to accept tips, potentially leading to profitable exchanges.

SquaZ and KODIΛC believe that with the implementation of more significant consequences for ‘death’, rescue operations will become a crucial gameplay element. They emphasize the impartiality of MedReapers, a contrast to the many organizations that limit their services based on membership, criminal status, or other factors. “We don’t care. We save everyone, and we get the job done,” KODIΛC states.

In addition to this, the organization is contemplating the introduction of a tip-based system as the in-game economy progresses. A scenario where players might tip generously after a significant in-game save is not far-fetched, according to the CEO. Amid these transitions, both leaders stressed their commitment to impartiality, ensuring that their services are offered without discrimination.

The anticipated shift from free to paid services, however, brings along a flurry of questions. For instance, how will the quality of free services, such as those provided by Slipstream, fare against paid ones in the long run? Will players continue to lean towards free third-party services, or will they see value in paid ones? Will players be drawn to larger organizations offering in-house services for convenience?

The conversation becomes more interesting when considering niche players like Medrunners, a sizable organization with nearly 3000 members, providing specialized medical services. Currently, Medrunners’ services are free, but there are plans to start charging once the game fully launches. This leads to several important inquiries: Will players, accustomed to free services, be ready to pay for something they previously received for free? Will free services still be around? Could larger organizations start offering these services to their members, thus undermining the demand for third-party providers?

As the game evolves, only time will unfold the answers to these pressing questions. Nonetheless, it is uplifting to see organizations like Slipstream and Medrunners leading the way in providing vital services to the community.


Now, we’re rolling out the latest stats for the big leagues – organizations boasting over 1000 members. We’ve got all the juicy numbers from the medical teams, and some other cool crews we think you should keep your eye on. So, grab a coffee and get comfy, because we’re about to dive into the heart of the action.

Membership count for medical organizations per month and percentage change

Organization 2023-06-30 2023-07-31 Change in June (%) Change in July (%)
SLIPSAR 323 344 2.54 6.5
AID 141 141 0
FSAR 100 106 6
MEDICAL 18 18 0
GRCORPS 19 29 52.63
MEDREAPERS 109 111 1.83
MEDRUNNER 2533 2584 0.92 2.02

Membership count for All organizations per month and percentage change

Organization 2023-06-30 2023-07-31 Change in June (%) Change in July (%)
7HILLS 415 449 8.19
ASGARD 886 901 0.57 1.69
MEDRUNNER 2533 2584 0.92 2.02
SKWK 1609 1651 -0.12 2.61
NOVAEN 11476 11633 0.35 1.37
TEST 21961 22001 -0.01 0.18
GREEKSA 308 308 0
CORP 13129 13191 0.47
XPLOR 13051 13040 -0.03 -0.08
EVILORG 9195 9363 0.43 1.83
ADI 9000 9068 0.2 0.76
TBSI 5611 5723 0.29 2
IMPERIUM 3997 3998 0 0.03
KRT 3305 3310 0.15
SRN 3114 3112 -0.06
UOLTT 3083 3080 -0.1
UEMC 3024 3048 0.57 0.79
TURBOR 2765 2773 0.18 0.29
LUG 2739 2759 0.33 0.73
COBROFORCE 2688 2693 0 0.19
ARMCO 2501 2507 0 0.24
COGNITION 2448 2449 -0.04 0.04
WANDERHOME 2412 2433 0.17 0.87
GLADIATORS 2316 2314 -0.09
SYNCH 2179 2170 -0.27 -0.41
OEC2 2124 2141 0.8
ITALIA 2118 2131 0.76 0.61
DRACUL 2100 2096 0 -0.19
RUSCOM 2043 2041 -0.1
TABOO 2037 2034 -0.05 -0.15
KNEBELARMY 1900 1960 0.26 3.16
PXP 1888 1902 0.74
HVC 1878 1882 0.21
AVOCADO 1924 2281 7.66 18.52
MARKET 1749 1749 0
ZILLA 1643 1642 -0.18 -0.06
LAMP 1486 1485 -0.07 -0.07
SPACETRADE 1472 1469 -0.2
CGG 1440 1443 0.07 0.21
PROTECTORA 1406 1408 0.07 0.14
ICINC 1395 1392 -0.21
THEPACK 1352 1353 0.07
SCA 1312 1320 0.31 0.61
MONGOOSE 1287 1284 -0.23
REPUBBLICA 1282 1285 0.23
MTK 1261 1259 -0.16 -0.16
TADVANCE 1209 1208 -0.08
BONDSMANS 1117 1127 0.89
YANHUANG 1098 1123 0.27 2.28
BROWNCOATS 1087 1086 -0.09
IGAIR 1085 1087 0.18
CONVOY 1065 1060 0.19 -0.47
FEID 1066 1074 0.85 0.75
SIBYLLA 1054 1062 -0.09 0.76
AZS 1038 1039 0.19 0.1
THEPIONEER 907 901 -0.11 -0.66
MERCCORP 905 906 0.11
MEDREAPERS 109 111 1.83
GRCORPS 19 29 52.63
FSAR 100 106 6
MEDICAL 18 18 0
AID 141 141 0
SLIPSAR 323 344 2.54 6.5
SYND 921 925 0.43
68 / 100

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