7Hills Industries Addresses Recent Allegations & Stands Firm Against Piracy

Press Release from 7Hills Industries

Part 1: Overview of the Situation

7Hills Industries wishes to address a recent situation where an individual known for piracy approached our organization with an offer to sell stolen goods. Acting on this information, our security department planned a strategic operation to recover the stolen goods and return the assets to their rightful owner.

7Hills Industries met with the pirate at a mutually agreed upon location. Upon arrival, our security forces stormed the ships, eliminated any pirates who resisted, and successfully confiscated the stolen ship and cargo. The stolen assets were promptly returned to the victim.

Following these events, the pirate claimed that he was deceived by 7Hills Industries and alleged that 7Hills agents had bullied him in chat.

In light of this, 7Hills Industries has obtained video evidence from the pirate’s Discord where he explicitly offers stolen cargo. This evidence further underscores our commitment to taking action against any form of piracy.

Part 2: Overview of the Discussion between the Pirate and a 7Hills Industries Agent

During the subsequent discussion between the pirate and a senior 7Hills agent, the allegations were thoroughly reviewed. The pirate detailed how he believed he was deceived after offering the stolen goods and raised concerns about the treatment he received in chat by certain 7Hills agents. The agent clarified that he was unaware of the initial situation and emphasized the importance of evidence to ensure proper action is taken.

Part 3: The Discussion Excerpt

The pirate has stated that he possesses proof of the allegations but has not been willing to disclose it despite repeated requests from the 7Hills Agent. The agent emphasized the organization’s stance on treating such allegations with the utmost seriousness and expressed the necessity for evidence to ensure a fair assessment of the situation.

Closing Remarks

7Hills Industries takes these allegations with the utmost seriousness. Our organization staunchly opposes piracy. The primary role of our security forces is to protect our members and the broader UEE citizenry from such threats. We always strive for fairness and integrity in our interactions and remain firmly against breaching the game’s rules.

We have strict guidelines around ethics and fairness, as clearly laid out in our official documentation on ethical behavior. All are welcome to review our official rules and guidelines at 7Hills Commitment to Fair Play, Ethical Behavior, and Integrity: A Sportsmanship Guide for the 7Hills Community.

We assure our community and stakeholders that we are fully committed to investigating these allegations and will take all necessary measures to ensure justice is upheld. Video evidence from the pirate’s Discord is archived within our organization’s files for future reference.

The matter is now considered closed by 7Hills Industries.

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