7Hills Industries Compensation Program – Introduction

7Hills Industries strives to be an organization that provides an engaging and rewarding environment for its members. We understand that the success and satisfaction of our members are directly linked to the success and development of the organization. For this reason, we want to provide a compensation program that facilitates and encourages member participation in our events and activities.

One of the main reasons for implementing this compensation program is to ensure that all members have the opportunity to participate in events and missions without worrying about the cost of equipment and weapons. We want all members to feel welcome and included, regardless of their financial situation. By offering compensation for equipment and weapons, we create a more equitable and fair environment for all members.

We also understand that some events, such as FPS events or racing events, do not necessarily generate revenue for the organization or the participants. However, we believe that these events are essential for creating a sense of community and cohesion within the organization. Therefore, we want to offer compensation to members who organize and participate in these types of events to show our appreciation for their commitment and efforts. As part of this initiative, we propose that event organizers for non-profit events receive a symbolic sum of 100,000 aUEC per event. This amount is not intended to make anyone rich, but rather to cover expenses and show appreciation for their contribution.

To finance the compensation program, we plan to introduce a 15% fee on the profits from events organized by 7Hills Industries, such as looting, mining, and salvaging events. Of this fee, 12% goes directly to the organization to finance the compensation program, while the remaining 3% goes to the event organizers as an additional appreciation for their work. By implementing this compensation program, we hope to create a more engaged and cohesive organization where members’ contributions and participation are encouraged and rewarded.

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