7Hills Industries Continues Support for Citizens for Pyro Towards a Safer Pyro System

7Hills Industries continuous its support for Citizens for Pyro, a non-profit working to expand the non-outlaw population in Pyro. This support aligns with 7Hills Industries’ commitment to promoting safety and economic growth within the Pyro system.

Founded by Madge “Dash” Hartford in 2950, Citizens for Pyro has aimed to eradicate criminal elements in Pyro to make it a viable part of the UEE. This vision aligns with 7Hills Industries’ goal of fostering sustainable communities and economic growth.

CEO TheBanjolorian expressed, “We are honored to continue supporting Citizens for Pyro in fostering a safer, more prosperous Pyro system.”

7Hills Industries invites other corporations and individuals to join in supporting Citizens for Pyro in their mission to establish a safe and stable settlement in the Pyro system, contributing to a brighter future for its inhabitants.

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