7Hills Newsletter #1

The summer is soon over and together with the autumn, darkness and cold getting closer and with the new major releases we will see increased the activity among the Star Citizen players in our community. With all the bugs and trouble with 3.17.1 and the innactivity that comes with the bugs we took a short break with creating bigger events together with other organizations and prepared for the autumn. The focus of the coming months for our organisatoin will be the following:

  1. Recruiting
    We have a large majority of players from the EU and will now focus on recruiting players from the US / Canada to increase activity during US prime time and be able to offer more events and other fun for our American and Canadian citizens. With 3.17.2 soon being launched, we will once again start recruiting on Reddit, Twitter and Spectrum. We will also need to strengthen and become more dedicated recruiters to increase the number of members but also get higher quality review and make the recruitment process better so we get the right members into our community. Are you the right person for the role? get in touch!
  2. Racing Department
    Build up our Racing department and stand on the podium at the Daymar rally. We are registered for the Daymar rally and the training for the qualifying races. If you think racing is fun and want to take part in our training sessions, let us know!
  3. Security Department
    From August, our security department will have scheduled training sessions every week where we focus on flight and fps training and are therefore looking for security operators. Want to get involved in? Get in touch!
  1. Agent boot camp
    7Hills Industries agent boot camp is something that all our new members will need to participate in in order to be able to participate in official games against other organizations or advance and participate in our various departments. We will go through how to find information on discord, website and talk about the organization and our values ​​and much more. If you are a junior agent, check the calendar for discord and sign up.
  2. Develop out digital tools
    Continue to develop our digital tools and make administration even easier for management teams but also provide a better user experience. In addition to discord, we also offer all our members access to teamspeak to together with eg discord offer communication between different discord voice channels, a website where we collect all information for the various departments but have also during the spring developed our own Discord bot that secures our users and community but also automates website rights and discord. If you would like to help and support our community mantain and develop new tools, you can read more about how becoming a patreon here. https://7hillsindustries.com/patreon/

We really looking forward to Q3 with 3.18 and Salvage & Cargo System Refactor and how it will affect the game but we are also looking forward to creating and offering fantastic events together with all our members.

We also want to thank all our fantastic members who committed to our community. 7Hills industries would not have been the same without all of you!

September 20th marks the organization’s two year anniversary! We’ll celebrate that with a big party! Keep an eye out for the date in the calendar on discord!