7Hills November newsletter – 2952

The month of November will be an exciting month. There will be a lot of exciting news from CIG during November such as the big IAE 2952 and all the cool stuff in 3.18, possibly access to the 3.18 PTU and all the many exciting events we at 7Hills arrange.

Our events during november

We have the big event of this fall on November 5th where we will play an fps event 45 vs 45 players. There is still free spots, read more at the discord event. https://discord.com/events/750778068712554606/1022982389825286245

Due to this event, the training on November 5th with the security department is cancelled.

November 6th, The grand tour – Microtech continues.

Feel free to come along and cross the whole of Microtech riding on Drake dragonfly’s together with us.

More info on the discord event, come along. It’ll be fun!

Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2952 – IAE 2952

Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2952 is back 18th November, come along and we’ll go and visit the fair at Microtec together with the org.

The events open with Drake Interplanetery who is also this year’s official partner. Come watch the Drake Corsair launch on site with us in Microtec together with us.

Daymar Rally qualitfication

This month we will also try to qualify for the Daymar rally which starts in January 2023. Fingers crossed that we will join! Do you want to join the Daymar rally support team? DM TheBanjolorian or Carlito for more information.

We are also continuing work on expanding our digital platforms.

If you log in to the website your new player profile is gonna be created where all your ranks and awards are synced over from discord. We are also building a lot of other functionality, such as applying to join one of our departments, so after approval, all rights are synced automatically. (not ready yet).

During november we are gonna start work on getting all events on discord synced to the website for a better overview.

Log on to our website at www.7hillsindustries.com to test out the new features.

Follow us on Youtube

Please follow us on Youtube. Come and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Every single sub and like is important to us :).  

Do you have your own material that you want to publish on the organization's YouTube channel? Send a dm to TheBanjolorian and we'll post your videos :)
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