7Hills Racing

7Hills Racing, although a relatively new team, has already begun to make its mark in the competitive racing world. With grand ambitions and a commitment to excellence, this team proudly represents our organization’s colors in various prestigious racing competitions.

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Key Achievements:

  1. Daymar Rally 2953: The team showcased its skills in the challenging Daymar Rally, a grueling 510 km race across the Crusader moon of Daymar, involving three divisions: BUGGY, TRUCK, and BIKE. The race tests the limits of both drivers and support pilots with its complex terrain and intense competition. Each division rewards winners with an in-game ship prize pack, highlighting the significance and rewards of the competition.
  2. Star Citizen Racing: 7Hills Racing also competed in Star Citizen Racing, demonstrating their versatility and commitment to the racing scene in Star Citizen. This platform offers a variety of racing experiences, challenging pilots across different terrains and conditions.

Partnerships and Collaborations:

  • 7Hills Industries is proud to be a partner of Atmo Esports for the years 2953-2954. Atmo Esports, known for organizing the Daymar Rally and other unique events, represents a significant collaboration in the esports realm. (Atmo Esports)
  • Collaboration with Extreme G Racing (XGR), a premier hub for Star Citizen racing, exemplifies our commitment to engaging with leading entities in the racing community.
  • The team is also involved in organizing a race with ANZIA Racing, further expanding our reach and influence in the racing scene.

7Hills Racing, with its remarkable start and strategic partnerships, is poised for great success in the competitive racing world. The team’s participation in high-profile events and collaborations with key players like Atmo Esports, XGR, and ANZIA Racing reflects our dedication to excellence and ambition in the realm of esports racing. As the team continues to grow and evolve, we look forward to witnessing their future achievements and contributions to the racing community.