Beacons and Salvage Casual Event

26/03/23, 19:00:00 UTC
Event host: mixmax Summary: We accept combat beacons and salvage our pray with the mighty reclaimer. We will extent this operation depending on how many people sign up. Casual and friendly event everyone is welcome ❤. aUEC earned during this event will be evenly split among the participants. Meeting point: Port Olisar Roles: (we recommend everyone to bring a multi tool with tractor beam attachment) – A2 pilot (we got a A2 available) – A2 gunner (max 6) – Reclaimer Pilot (reclaimer available) – Salvage Operators (Beam operators and RMC station manager) – Escort (Security for the reclaimer and assisting in the combat Beacon completion ship of attendees choice) – Cargo Hauler a optional role bring your own cargo ship and move RMC from the reclaimer to a trading terminal you will be tasked to keep track of the profit that will be split at the end Again is more people sign up or less we will adjust operation scope. We will have plenty of things to do.
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beacons and salvage casual event
beacons and salvage casual event

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