Celebrating Community Connections with SRS

We at 7Hills Industries are pleased to share the exciting news about our SRS-Citizen App, a joint effort with Od3ica SRS. The platform offers a reliable VOIP alternative for in-game communications and has been steadily gaining traction with users in the Stanton system.

We have been thrilled to witness peaks of 30 to 40 simultaneous users, enjoying the comprehensive collection of frequencies we provide for different moons and planets, as well as SOS channels. Our primary goal has always been to promote better immersion and roleplay, while providing a versatile and efficient platform for communication. It is rewarding to see our work resonating with the community.

The SRS-Citizen App was developed to not only enhance in-game communication, but also to elevate the overall gaming experience. The responses we’ve received so far have been overwhelmingly positive, which is a testament to the valuable role our app is playing within the gaming community.

We would like to take a moment to share a testimonial from one of our users, Rushell “Huntress” Visanti, a member of The Talons Outer Haven. Over the weekend, her organization conducted their first large-scale Salvage Operation over SRS-Citizen OD31CA. Here’s what she had to say:

“Just to catch up with the community, over the weekend The Talons Outer Haven conducted their first large scale Salvage Operation, complete with escort duty, over SRS-Citizen OD31CA.

We had an assigned SWACS coordinator that maintained contact on all public OD31CA channels and shepherded the 8 others in the Op to our off-table frequency for Org Op use.

All 8 were able to join and we enjoyed the ability to switch channels on the fly and have longer transmissions on our semi-private channel. It really enhanced our ability to coordinate and keep abreast of the goings-on around us. Not only was it a successful Op with no incidents and good profits, but SRS added a layer of coordination and communications that we would have had to use discord for with one of our non-Talons joining the 8 on the Op.

Our org looks forward to using it again for our next big Op and we are already seeing other Talons join it for ad hoc sessions in the ‘Verse. Thank you to @Od3ica Staff including Jaaku for getting all this started.”

Hearing firsthand experiences like this motivates us to continue developing and refining our services. We extend our gratitude to Rushell and everyone in the community who has embraced our app.

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t hesitate to share your own experiences with the SRS-Citizen App. We always appreciate your feedback. Together, we will continue to build a more engaging, immersive gaming experience.

Best Regards,
The 7Hills Industries Team

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