Competition for all the 7Hillers!

Win a Vulture LTI, C8R Pisces or Drake Mule

Are you ready for the chance to win a Vulture LTI? Join our exciting competition by inviting as many members as possible to our organization. For each invite, you get a lottery ticket which gives you a chance to win. The draw will be held on the 2nd of September, 2023, with the following prizes up for grabs:

  1. Drake Vulture LTI (Gift from @Bleifish )
  2. C8R Pisces
  3. Drake Mule

Get your personal invite link instantly by using the /invites command in our discord. When someone joins through your invite link, you get a lottery ticket. The more invites, the higher your chances to win! You can track and check yours and the rest amount of invites with the /invites-leaderboard command. Rules: For an invite to be counted, the invited member must remain in the organization by the end of the competition.

They should also remain in the discord with a verified account and have joined the organization. To prevent fraudulent invites, the inviter’s score will decrease if the member they invited leaves within 24 hours. It’s important that they join via your member link.

Make sure they add you first and that you provide them your link which you get through /invites YOURUSERNAME, and then invite them to our discord. We all will help to verify those who need assistance. Remember, each invite you send out increases your chances of winning one of these fantastic prizes.

While it might seem unfair to those who invited the most, remember that they also have the greatest chance to win. With this competition, we hope to grow our community, making it larger and richer.

Everyone has a chance to win, so start sending out those invites!

55 / 100

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