December 2023 – Last newsletter for the year

For 2023 we are doing some rework to get a clear and clear communication about what we as an organization will do.

We will not stress and start a lot of departments, but they will be created when the need and the game loop arise.

The second layer with activities in the different departments will certainly be moved around a lot, but what we want to do now is put all the departments on paper and make it clear on the website about the different game opportunities that will be offered in connection with the game growing.

One of the goals is to keep down the number of departments in order to also reduce the dependence on people. We are also moving squads out of departments so so its able to have several areas of focus. we hope that this results in more squad activities, more inclusive, cross-discipline and squads will still be free to specialize.

Squads are open to anyone to apply, but the squad leader decides who will be included in the team.

Anyone with the rank of Senior agent and above can start their own squad

This is the new Departments.

Defence/Security – Protecting all of 7Hills Assets

Trade – Trading grafting for spacebucks

Frontier – Pushing boundaries and resources where needed

Family/community – Life of the Party. Recruit, have fun, make videos and other fun stuff

Industry – Backbone and moneymaking machine

Governance – setting the policy etc.

Divisions and their areas of responsibility.

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Interested to know more or want to get involved? Talk with the board.

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