Discover the Foundation Festival 2953 in Star Citizen!

Greetings, fellow space explorers! ???? Today, we are excited to bring your attention to an enthralling event taking place in the verse- the Foundation Festival 2953! This event is a celebration of community spirit and adventure, and we believe it’s something that should not be missed!

What is the Foundation Festival? ????

Foundation Festival is a month-long program in the Star Citizen universe aimed at strengthening community spirit throughout the Empire. It encourages citizens to volunteer with local and imperial organizations, and it’s all about making the universe a better place for everyone.

Experience Star Citizen for Free! ????️

One of the highlights of the Foundation Festival is the Free Fly event, which lasts until July 17. During this period, you have the opportunity to pilot twelve iconic ships, each showcasing the diverse career paths and playstyles available in Star Citizen. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of space exploration, now is your chance!

Explore Exciting Career Paths in the ‘Verse ????

The Foundation Festival offers various career paths:

  • Medical Practitioners: Save lives on the frontlines or as a rogue doc in your mobile clinic. Get special in-game items and an exclusive paint job for the Cutlass Red.
  • Mining: Engage in the tough and dangerous job of mining. Master the art and build an empire. Get in-game items and an exclusive paint job for the MISC Prospector.
  • Salvaging: Scavenge wrecks and ruins across the stars. Get in-game items and an exclusive paint job for the Drake Vulture.
  • Combat and Security: Fight against pirates and outlaws. Engage in dogfights and intense FPS action. Get in-game items and an exclusive paint job for the Anvil Valkyrie.
  • Cargo Hauling: Keep the empire running by moving supplies and spreading commerce. Get in-game items and an exclusive paint job for the MISC Freelancer.

For more details, visit the Foundation Festival page. Additionally, you can keep track of the development through the Roadmap, and share your content with the community on the Community Hub.

Engage with the Community ????

The Star Citizen community is vibrant and welcoming. New recruits can engage with the community through tutorial videos and join the dedicated New Player Chat to meet and plan adventures together during the Foundation Festival. This chat is available to new players who join between May 19 – July 31, 2023.

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