Commitment to Fair Play, Ethical Behavior, and Integrity: A Sportsmanship Guide for the 7Hills Community

Introduction – Sportsmanship Guide

Within our 7Hills organization, we deeply value sportsmanship, integrity, and respect. We are fully cognizant of the fact that the game we engage in might sometimes be fraught with bugs and unpredictable issues. However, it is our pledge to act with utmost dignity and honesty, irrespective of the circumstances.

When we encounter a situation where an opponent appears to be exploiting a bug, we remind ourselves that it might occur without their knowledge. Upholding our organization’s stellar reputation and treating all players, both teammates and opponents, with respect and dignity, remains our priority. We must never belittle or exhibit rudeness to other players, especially those whom we have outplayed. In our community, sportsmanship is not just a choice; it is a strict requirement.

With this fundamental understanding, we introduce five guiding principles to follow when you play online:

  1. Safety, Well-being, and Behavior: We expect our players to always demonstrate respect and politeness towards all players, whether they’re part of our team or not. Every player has the right to participate and enjoy games in a safe environment, free from threats or behaviors that make them feel threatened or harassed. Dignity and respect for everyone is a non-negotiable tenet, so all comments and criticism must remain constructive.
  2. Integrity, Fair Play, and Suspected Exploits: When you come across a player who might be invisible or exploiting another bug, we encourage a kind approach by informing them in the chat. Avoid engaging in lengthy dialogues on the global chat. We strictly condemn cheating, hacking, or engaging in disreputable, deceitful, or dishonest behavior as it detracts from the experience of others and taints the legitimacy of the gaming community.
  3. Post-Game Respect and Diversity: We believe in expressing gratitude after every match. A simple “GG” (Good Game) is costless but serves as an important symbol of respect and sportsmanship. All members, including teammates, opponents, and spectators, should be treated with respect and courtesy, irrespective of the game’s outcome.
  4. Integrity and Positive Gameplay: We have a strict policy against cheating or exploiting game bugs. Despite the potential bugs in the game, we urge our players not to use them for personal advantage. Upholding integrity is a crucial aspect of our organization’s success and reputation. We promote gameplay that enriches player experience, boosts self-confidence, and enhances interpersonal communication and teamwork skills.
  5. Conflict Resolution and Sportsmanship: In the event of a conflict with another player, we expect our players to handle the situation with patience and understanding. Escalating the conflict is discouraged. If the conflict remains unresolved, we advise players to reach out to a senior member or leader for guidance.
  6. Handling Cheaters: When we encounter someone cheating, we take proactive measures by informing them. In extreme cases, we are prepared to switch servers to maintain our gaming integrity and avert unfair play.

By adhering to these principles, every member can contribute to upholding and enhancing the reputation of our 7Hills community. These guidelines are not mere instructions, they embody the spirit of sportsmanship that we strive to cultivate, promoting a positive and rewarding gaming experience for all.

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Updated on 2023-06-26