Event creation

All members of 7Hills Industries to create and organize their own events. If you have an idea for an event and would like to bring it to life, simply reach out to one of our @Events Manager

They will guide and support you throughout the event creation process. An event manager will assist you in organizing the event, creating a discussion thread, and promoting the event by inviting people to participate. Our event managers will be there for you, providing feedback and support at every step of the way. However, as the event creator, you will be responsible for the overall success of the event.

From ideation to execution, our event managers will be there to help you during the entire event. Once you have successfully organized and executed 2-3 events with the support of an event manager, you will be granted the “event role” and will be able to create and carry out events independently.

Feel free to reach out to an event manager if you have any questions or ideas for an event. We look forward to seeing the amazing events you’ll create!

@Events Manager have access to our event creation tool https://sesh.fyi/dashboard/750778068712554606 .

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Updated on 2023-05-01