Find JumpTown without markers

Microtec – Calliope – Orbital marker 2 Calliope JT location

  • From OM 2
  • Fly towards bearing 17, Pitch -28 – 177 km

Arcorp – Lyria – Teddy´s Party house

  • Bearing 130 – 115
  • Fly for 116 Km

Orison – JT location Yela
The coordinates of Jumptown in Yela can be expressed as OM-1 at 487.3km, OM-3 at 417.8km, and OM-5 at 247.8km.

The nearest ground QT marker is Security Post Opal, and if one travels from Opal to Jumptown, the direction is 008 at 255km. However, the journey is not quick, as it would take approximately 789 seconds at a speed of 333m/s (which equals 1km every 3 seconds) to reach the destination. It is worth noting that even a small deviation of 1 degree from the intended course could result in being 4km off course after traveling 240km, following the Radian rule.

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Updated on 2023-07-07