General Rules

7Hills is a multi-national Org that spans much of the Star Citizen universe, from trading, mining and industrial projects to security, pioneering, base-building and exploration – ready to help new players find their feet, or work with experienced players to fulfill their potential. We hold regular Org and inter-Org events and strive to create a force for good that other Orgs will look up to. We accept members over the age of 18 and require you to use Discord and have a microphone for any of our Org events.

When you join 7Hills you’re joining an inclusive community that boasts players from all over the globe and spans many time zones. We respect all our members and expect you to do the same. We have a zero-tolerance policy for racism, homophobia, sexism or any discriminatory language or behaviour, and do not appreciate anyone representing 7Hills to be abusing members or other players, and this includes scamming or griefing (CIG definition of griefing found here –

To be mindful of all 7Hillsians’ religious and political views, we ask that these topics are left outside, we are all members of a Star Citizen community with the same goals and ambitions. Any member can reach out to one of our moderators if they feel uncomfortable, we’re a no-drama Org and will seek to quickly resolve any issues.

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