Introduction meeting

Welcome to 7Hills Industries! As a new member, you’ll need to attend our agent introduction meeting to be able to join in official games against other organizations and advance in our different departments.

During the introduction meeting, we’ll show you how to find information on our discord and website, and teach you about the organization and our values. You can find more information about our values at and here

To access information about the organization, you’ll need to log in with discord on our website to access the internal member area. You can find additional resources on our website at We’ll also explain the organization’s structure and ranks, and you can find more information about it at

We use discord and SRSfor communication, you can find more information about teamspeak at You’ll also learn about the gear you’ll need as an agent, which you can find on our website at

We have events regularly, you can find information about them on our website and in our discord under the events section. You’ll also learn about, where you can upload your ships to the org hangar ( Lastly, you’ll know that Sunday´s are fun days, more information can be found here

We’re excited to have you as a new member, and we’re looking forward to helping you on your journey as an agent!

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Updated on 2023-07-09