Jumptown – Star Citizen

One of our most important events for us have been the Jumptown events.

We try to arrange at least one 24 hour Jumptown event every time it runs and at most we have had one Jumptown event running where management went in shifts for 40 hours.

JumpTown is a location within the game where players can participate in Player vs Player (PvP) combat. It is a separate area within the game that is specifically designed for players to engage in combat with one another, using ships and other weapons.

Jump Town is essentially a battleground where players can test their skills against one another in a variety of different game modes, such as deathmatch or capture the flag. The rules of each game mode may vary, but generally players are free to engage in combat with one another using the ships and weapons at their disposal.

Jump Town is a popular destination for players who enjoy PvP combat and want to test their skills against other players. It is also a good place for players to practice their combat skills and tactics, as they can engage in combat with other players in a controlled environment.

Looking for a Star Citizen organization to run the event with? Come and play with us, there is safety in numbers.

Come and join our security group responsible for the air or our ground troops responsible for security on the ground.

Dogfight as Maverick in Top Gun or defend the land and make sure the packages are delivered so we can make money together. We divide the money equally between all players.

With us, you have the opportunity to experience jumptown in organized forms and try out all the different roles needed for events to run smoothly.

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Updated on 2023-05-01