Mining heads

Mining LaserSizeOptimal RangeMaximum RangeInstabilityVolume (μSCU)
Arbor MH0010150%21,000
Arbor MH11301500%84,000
Arbor MH22603000%252,000
Impact 00101520%21,000
Impact I13015010%84,000
Impact II26030010%252,000
Jupiter Mining Corporation MK-III310050015%500,000
Lancet MH001015-30%21,000
Lancet MH1130150-75%84,000
Lancet MH2260300-75%252,000
Nanotech MTX125100-10%42,000
  1. Optimal Range: The optimal range of a mining laser is the distance from the mining vessel to the resource node (ore or mineral deposit) at which the laser is most effective. Within this range, the mining process will be more efficient and precise, allowing you to extract resources faster and with minimal waste.
  2. Maximum Range: The maximum range of a mining laser is the furthest distance at which the laser can effectively reach and interact with a resource node. Beyond the maximum range, the mining laser will no longer be effective, and you won’t be able to extract resources from the node. It’s important to note that while you can still mine at distances between the optimal and maximum range, the efficiency and precision will be reduced compared to mining within the optimal range.
  3. Instability: Instability represents the difficulty of maintaining control over the mining process when using a particular mining laser. A higher instability percentage indicates that the mining process will be harder to control, potentially leading to overcharging or fracturing the resource node, which may result in loss of resources or even damage to your mining vessel. Conversely, a negative instability percentage means that the mining laser provides better control and stability, making the mining process easier and less risky.
  4. Volume (μSCU): The volume of a mining laser, measured in Micro Standard Cargo Units (μSCU), represents the size or capacity of the laser’s internal storage. The volume directly affects how much extracted material the mining laser can hold before it needs to be emptied, either by transferring the resources to the mining vessel’s cargo hold or by offloading them at a resource processing facility. Larger volume values allow for longer mining sessions and potentially more profits before having to empty the laser’s storage.
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Updated on 2023-04-05