Mining in Star Citizen

In Star Citizen, mining is the process of extracting minerals and other materials from planets, moons, and asteroids for profit. The activity is primarily done with ship-mounted mining equipment or handheld mining tools, and can occur in open space, on a planet/moon, or underground.

Mining Process

The mining process in Star Citizen consists of four main stages:

  1. Prospecting: Discovering and scanning mineral deposits.
  2. Fracturing: Breaking dense rocks into smaller fragments using mining lasers.
  3. Extraction: Collecting and storing mineral fragments.
  4. Refinement: Removing impurities and unwanted elements from the extracted minerals.

Example of a Mining Operation

  1. A mining crew uses a ship’s dedicated scanner to search for mineral deposits by “pinging” the area.
  2. Once a mineral deposit is discovered, an in-depth scan determines the composition of the deposit.
  3. The mining crew uses a ship’s mining laser or handheld tool to break the deposit into smaller fragments.
  4. The crew uses an extraction beam or manually collects the fragments for storage.
  5. The extracted minerals are sold to a market, where they undergo refinement before being sold.

Relevant Topics

  • Surface mining: The extraction of minerals from the surface of a planet, moon, or asteroid.
  • Sub-surface mining: The extraction of minerals from underground caves and caverns.
  • Mining vessels: Ships specifically designed for mining operations, such as the MISC Prospector, ARGO Mole, and RSI Orion.
  • Mining equipment: Tools and gear used for mining, including mining lasers, mining laser modules, and personal equipment like the Pyro RYT Multi-tool and OreBit Mining Attachment.

To learn more about mining in Star Citizen, you can refer to the Star Citizen Wiki page on mining.

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Updated on 2023-04-05