New Player Guide – Star Citizen

New Player Guide provides information for new players to understand the basics of Star Citizen, a popular space simulation game. As a proficient teacher, I will help you understand some key concepts and features of the game.

Persistent Universe and Main Menu

Star Citizen’s game world is called the Persistent Universe, where players can explore, trade, and fight with each other. The main menu provides access to the Persistent Universe, Star Marine, and Arena Commander.

Basic On-Foot Controls

To navigate the game on foot, you need to know these controls:

Walk forward - W
Walk left - A
Walk right - D
Walk back - S
Jump - Space
Crouch - Ctrl
Sprint - Left Shift
Open interaction interface - F (hold), Mouse 1 to select an item
Increase/decrease movement speed - Mouse wheel scroll up/down


mobiGlas is a holographic wrist interface that allows players to interact with the game world. It lets you manage social functions, vehicle loadouts, personal equipment, in-game map system, trade currency, accept missions, request vehicle maintenance, and read journal entries.

Spawning Your Ship

To spawn your ship, you need to access a fleet management terminal, which can be found in the starport for major planets or a central location in a space station. Using the fleet management terminal, you can retrieve your ship and get a hangar/pad number.

Basic Ship Controls

Flight ready toggle - R
Strafe forward - W
Strafe backward - S
Strafe left - A
Strafe right - D
Strafe upwards - Space
Strafe downwards - Ctrl
Roll left - Q
Roll right - E
Raise/lower speed limiter - Mouse scroll up/down
Toggle VTOL mode - K
Raise/lower landing gear (toggle) - N
Activate/deactivate cruise control (toggle) - C
Spool quantum drive - B (tap)
Activate quantum drive - B (hold)

Taking Off

Depending on your location, you may need to request takeoff permission from the Air Traffic Control (ATC). You can do this using your mobiGlas by pressing F11 for commlink, then selecting ‘Friends’ and hailing the ATC contact.

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Updated on 2023-05-01