Operational Support and Security Department

Logistics and Maintenance Unit #

  1. Towing, Towing, Rearm, Refueling & Repair Specialist: The specialists in this group play a pivotal role in ensuring the functionality and maintenance of space vessels, combining various critical responsibilities. Their expertise extends from the safe and efficient transportation of disabled or inoperable ships, where in-depth knowledge of ship mechanics and proficiency in towing equipment is essential, to the meticulous upkeep of spaceship hulls. Their work on hull maintenance covers a range of tasks, including repairing armor plating and flight control surfaces, crucial for preserving the structural integrity and functionality of the vessels. Moreover, these specialists are instrumental in the refueling process, managing the entire operation. This includes operating fueling equipment, overseeing fuel transfers, maintaining accurate fuel inventory, and providing essential technical support during the refueling process. Their combined efforts in transportation, maintenance, and refueling ensure that the fleet remains in optimal condition, ready for all missions and challenges ahead.

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Updated on 2023-11-12