PyroBay – Event bot commands

Simplifying Event Administration and payouts with PyroBay #

During the event, you can quickly check in and out players as needed, ensuring an accurate record of participant involvement. Additionally, sales can be registered in real-time, giving you a comprehensive overview of the event’s transactions.

When the event concludes, PyroBay will automatically calculate each player’s earnings based on their participation duration, ensuring a fair distribution of profits among all participants. You can also customize a percentage fee to go towards event-associated costs.

Managing events has never been easier. With PyroBay’s user-friendly interface and accurate calculations, you can have a smooth and enjoyable event experience for organizers and participants alike.


Here are the PyroBay commands: #

/event checkin @player – Check in a player

/event checkout @player – Check out a player

/event sale – Register a sale

/event sales – View all sales

/event del-sale – Delete a sale

/event payouts – End the event and calculate payouts. Creates a CSV file for sales, check-ins, and checkouts


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Updated on 2023-05-01