Rules – Official Org events

Here we will establish some rules to help our events run more smoothly. For general chill out events we can be more relaxed, but if the Org is doing something more focused (e.g. a PvP event vs another Org) then we need to follow some structure so the event doesn’t collapse into chaos. That is what these rules are for.

An event typically has the structure [ meet up ] -> [ briefing ] -> [ event ] -> [ finish ]. Meet up is where we all get together. Briefing is where we make sure everyone is up to speed on the plans and strategies for the event. The event is where we do what we’ve turned up for and the finish is where it’s over and we leave or chill or whatever.

Rules Respond to the event invitation at least 24 hours before the event begins so that we have a chance to plan. If you don’t attend briefing then you missed out on that event. There isn’t time to keep stopping the event to bring latecomers up to speed on the situation.

We enter the game together from the main menu. Be sure to have logged off at the meeting location so that you spawn in the right place. The meeting location can be found in the event calendar together with all other information you need to know for the event.

The event leaders will take care to divide us into squads. Avoid general chatter when the team is busy and / or under fire. Headset is a requirement to participate in an event. If you have background noise, you should turn on push to talk

English is our official language. We do not use other languages ​​that not everyone on the team can speak. For example, we are in a group where 4 out of 5 speak Klingon, then we speak English. Should the whole group speak Klingon, you may of course speak it. This rule is so that no one will feel excluded.

You are expected to have bought everything you need for the event. There is no time to go and shop after the briefing. All focus is going to be on the tasks

Team Structure We divide into squads with a maximum of 5 people. Each squad has a leader who is the one who communicates with the other squad leaders and the event management. Large teams are difficult to manage on voice, and confusion and crosstalk slow everything down.

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Updated on 2023-05-01