Salvaging – Bindings


“m” activate salvage mode when sitting on the pilot seat (activates automatically in the remote salvage turret on the Reclaimer)
"g" switch between fixed and gimbled mode. Where fixed will lock the scraper in the center and you need to navigate the ship around, while gimbled will allow you to move the scraper over the surface, with locking the ship in place (strafing is still allowed)
"LMB” Fire scraper beam
“RMB” Switch through scraper beams attached to the Salvage Head 

NOTE: You can assign an individual binding to the left or right scraper beam for the Vulture to allow a unique combination of scraper sizes to your liking

“Alt + MW” adjust the beam spacing distance (Vulture only)
“Alt + RMB” switch between horizontal or vertical beam spacing (Vulture only)


“b” toggle between “repair mode” and “salvage mode”
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Updated on 2022-12-22