Salvaging Vehicle Hulls in Star Citizen

In Star Citizen, players have the opportunity to salvage derelict vehicles found in space. By using special tools, you can scrape and scrap vehicle hulls to collect valuable resources, which can be sold for profit or used to fuel your Multitool’s repair functions.

  1. Choose the right ship: To perform salvage work, you’ll need a ship with salvage capabilities, such as the Drake Vulture or the Aegis Reclaimer. These ships come equipped with turret stations featuring Salvage Lasers, which are used to scrape and collect resources from derelict ships.
  2. Locate a derelict ship: When you come across a dead ship in space, press the M key to enter your salvage turret.
  3. Prepare for scrapping: Right-click to switch between scrapper modules and press the G key to switch to Gimbal mode, which allows you to manipulate the scrapper heads directly. Position yourself close to the derelict ship’s hull.
  4. Set the distance of the scrapper heads: Hold left Alt and use the mouse wheel to adjust the distance between the scrapper heads and the target.
  5. Start scrapping: Hold the left mouse button to fire the salvage lasers and begin the scrapping process. Carefully drag the lasers across the hull of the ship to collect resources. Use the Cinch Module to focus your beam and cut through the hull, then the Abrade Module to collect resources in a wider area. Pay attention to the colored lines on the hull, which indicate the density of the materials: red is the weakest, followed by yellow, blue, and green.
  6. Collect salvaged resources: As you scrap, resources will be automatically boxed and placed in your hold. If necessary, use your Multitool’s Tractor Beam attachment to rearrange items in the hold or enlist a friend’s help. Excess resources will be ejected if your hold is full.
  7. Sell or use resources: Once you’ve collected enough resources, transport them to the nearest major planet or commerce hub. Use the TDD terminal to offload your cargo for profit, or use the resources to fuel your Multitool’s repair functions.

By following these steps, you can efficiently salvage resources from derelict ships and turn them into profit or valuable repair materials in Star Citizen. Remember, one man’s trash can truly become another man’s treasure!

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Updated on 2023-04-05