It’s time for us to make our racing debut.

As the organization grows and we become more with different interests and hobbies, we see an opportunity to build on our organization and offer more for our dear 7Hillers. We have recently brought in members with an interest in racing and therefore we are now starting to look at building up a racing department.

We have registered a team for Daymar rally 2953 which is Star Citizen’s finest tournament. The tournament may be several months away but this is something we have to put energy and practice on.

The Daymar Rally kicks off in 2023 on January 21st, but we need to start preparing now. We have Carlito with us who will build up the racing department.

We have a start-up meeting 22a May 20 CET for everyone who is interested in participating and building up the racing department.

More info in our discord during the event.

For more questions contact TheBanjolorian or Carlito