Jumptown Operation Recap: A 4-day Exercise in Teamwork and Skill

We have successfully completed our 4-day participation in the Jumptown event. Throughout these days, we actively engaged with our organization and collaborated with several friendly organizations. Jumptown has proven to be our favorite event, with peak participation reaching around 25 members online.

For those unfamiliar, Jumptown is an infamous “hidden” drug lab located on three moons around Stanton, in the Star Citizen universe. Some sought to profit from the illicit treasure trove, while others aimed to shut down the operation and prevent criminal activity. This perpetual tug-of-war between factions became official canon in Star Citizen’s lore, as a prime example of player actions shaping the game’s future.

Jumptown was not easily pinpointed on standard-issue maps, making it a destination for only the most dedicated players. The unpredictable nature of the area made approaching Jumptown a thrilling and uncertain experience, as control of the outpost was constantly contested.

Jumptown 2.1 presents a familiar yet entirely new experience, with players weighing risk against reward in a more challenging and dynamic environment. In this updated version, various drug labs have been uncovered throughout the Stanton system, leading to deadlier firefights, richer spoils, and higher stakes than ever before.

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During the event, we launched the maiden voyage of our event bot. By checking in and out players, it ensured a fair distribution of rewards, prioritizing those who invested more time in the event. Learn more about the event bot here: https://www.pyrobay.space/

Throughout the event, we trained and practiced various exercises, emerging as a stronger and more cohesive organization. We have also increased our wealth, securing over 30 million UEE credits for confiscating drugs and preventing them from reaching the streets.

Last but not least, we welcomed many new friends to our community. A warm welcome to all our new members!

For a detailed journey through the events of the original Jumptown wars, check out the community-produced documentary by TheAstroPub, which provides an in-depth look at the history and impact of this iconic location.

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