Monthly report May

Time sure is flying! We’ve already bid adieu to Invictus and stepped into the bright days of June.

First off, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Salzus, Dan_Gerously, SlaytanicMosh, Kiwiey, and Killreadbeard as they ascend to our Senior Member rank. They’ve shown us the spirit of our community by going that extra mile for both the organization and our individual members. Keep up the fantastic work, folks!

During the Invictus Launch Week,CIG had us hooked with their constant reveals. This was the perfect time for Tumbril and RSI to roll out their new vehicles: The Furys, the swanky RSI Lynx and the in-concept Tumbril Storm.

The Lynx is the swish cousin of the Ursa exploration rover, fully kitted with a plethora of luxury features while maintaining the overall form of the Ursa. It’s the perfect blend of style, speed and a dash of protection with its rooftop turret.

Then there’s the Storm, a scout vehicle designed with the purpose of reconnaissance. It’s armed with an energy turret for defence. Though it might not have as much armour as its cousin, the Nova, it can still stand tall against threats.

But let’s not forget the Mirai Fury, an innovative snub fighter with an amazing blend of Xi’an tech.

These vehicles – the drivable Lynx, the conceptual Storm, and the groundbreaking Fury – are available for purchase as original concepts with LTI for a few more days.

Here’s a quick update about our Discord activity: Since we released 3.18, our weekly talk time has skyrocketed from about 750 minutes per week in February to an average of 12,000 minutes per week in May. We’ve also seen a surge in message activity from 8 to 32 messages per user per week.

We’re thrilled to have had between 10-20 users online per night in the recent weeks! It’s a joy seeing our community thrive and grow.

Now let’s talk recruitment. We’ve set specific goals for recruitment to ensure our activity and engagement levels remain high even between game updates. In May, we aimed to bring in 60 new members, a high target, but Invictus made it seem achievable. We welcomed 46 new members into the 7Hills family. For June, we’re aiming for 40 new members. We’ve already achieved 10% of our target on the first day of the month! Let’s keep the momentum going!

Remember to log in to access more information here:

Based on the level of activity, we plan to continue organizing events throughout June and July, as long as there is demand and participation. We’re here for you, and your engagement fuels these initiatives.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to all of you. Your dedication, passion, and camaraderie make our community vibrant. Let’s keep the momentum going and make the upcoming months even more exciting. Thank you so much!

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