Operational Support and Security Department

The Operational Support and Security Department provides comprehensive services, encompassing the maintenance and operation of space vessels, versatile security and rescue operations, and advanced medical care, ensuring optimal functionality, safety, and health standards for both fleet and personnel.

Logistics and Maintenance Unit

The specialists in this group play a pivotal role in ensuring the functionality and maintenance of space vessels, combining various critical responsibilities. Their expertise extends from the safe and efficient transportation of disabled or inoperable ships, where in-depth knowledge of ship mechanics and proficiency in towing equipment is essential, to the meticulous upkeep of spaceship hulls. Their work on hull maintenance covers a range of tasks, including repairing armor plating and flight control surfaces, crucial for preserving the structural integrity and functionality of the vessels. Moreover, these specialists are instrumental in the refueling process, managing the entire operation. This includes operating fueling equipment, overseeing fuel transfers, maintaining accurate fuel inventory, and providing essential technical support during the refueling process. Their combined efforts in transportation, maintenance, and refueling ensure that the fleet remains in optimal condition, ready for all missions and challenges ahead.

Security Agents Unit

The 7Hills Security Agents are a comprehensive security force, skilled in a wide range of protective, offensive, and rescue operations, suitable for various environments and scenarios.

Site Protection and Escort Services: These agents excel in safeguarding critical facilities and assets, ensuring robust site protection. They are also adept at providing escort services, guaranteeing the safety of other departments and individuals during transit, particularly in high-risk areas. Their expertise in strategic positioning, threat assessment, and rapid response is crucial for maintaining secure environments.

Bounty Hunting and Search and Rescue: The agents are proficient in bounty hunting, utilizing their skills in tracking and apprehending high-value targets across diverse settings. In addition to these offensive capabilities, they are highly capable in conducting search and rescue missions in hostile environments. Their operations include emergency medical services and recovery efforts, crucial for saving lives in combat zones.

Ground and Air Operations: The unit is trained for both ground and air support roles, handling tasks ranging from reconnaissance and intelligence gathering to providing aerial support for combat air patrol and strike missions. Their training encompasses weapon handling, combat tactics, communications, and logistics, preparing them for a variety of mission types. Equipped with armored vehicles, the Agents offer substantial support in ground combat scenarios.

Medical Solutions Unit

Our medical unit is dedicated to providing specialized care for both our members and external clients who require advanced medical attention. We work closely with a network of hospitals affiliated with the United Empire of Earth (UEE), accepting referrals for cases that demand specialized treatment.

Our facilities include state-of-the-art Tier 1 hospitals in major locations, equipped to handle a full spectrum of medical scenarios, from minor injuries to critical conditions. In addition to these hospitals, we operate Tier 2 clinics in various stations and smaller zones, capable of treating moderate injuries and providing stabilization and revival services.

For on-the-spot interventions and minor injury treatments, our Tier 3 medical facilities, located in specially equipped ambulances, play a crucial role. Furthermore, our medical beds, available across various locations, are instrumental in assessing patient conditions and administering the necessary treatments.

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of medical care, guided by our collaboration with the UEE-affiliated hospitals and our dedication to both our members and external clients. Our unit remains at the forefront of advanced medical care, ready to respond and manage the complexities of diverse medical needs.