Security operators wanted. adults(18+)

Open the door to our growing community of dedicated 7Hillers and you’ll find a friendly and welcoming team of citizens that enjoy all aspects of life in the verse.

We’re large enough to support you, but small enough that you’ll never be lost in the noise.

We focus on trading, mining and land acquisitions, as well as construction, exploration and even corporate security. 7Hillers look after each other, and whether you’re mining in the far flung belts or running cargo to the largest cities, our members will have your back whenever you need us – and we’re sure you’ll soon feel the same way.

We are now focusing on looking for people for our security department. 

We are looking for players who enjoys combat, FPS or ship PVP

  • with long experience in FPS for our planetery warfare team but also experienced pilots for our interstellar warfare team.
  • The players we are looking for must have experience and be self-motivated to develop themselves and the security department.
  • We have scheduled training sessions during the rest of the year every single week where we will develop ourselves and the team in many different scenarios.
  • Opportunities to lead your own team

We develop our own tools and work to provide our organization members with content both in and out of the game.

We are 70% EU and 30% US are now focusing to recruit US & asia/aus/nz timezones players. All the events are on hours when both groups can play!

To find out more! Join today or visit us!




24 / 100