Our 24h Jumptown event is now over

We completed our second 24h+ long event. Old veterans played alongside new found acquaintances all over the world at Jumptown which took place in three locations across Stanton and each session lasted 7 hours each. We took turns fighting to maintain control of Jumptown and during the hard
and the stressful battles, we got to know other citizens but also ourselves. The long sessions wear you down and leave an interesting opportunity for reflection.

We were divided into groups that handled the security on land and sky and another that handled the deliveries of the drugs and all groups were with players of mixed experience and maybe played for a few days to players who played for years.

Even though we faced heavy resistance during the various JT sessions and that we were so pressured and had to pause deliveries, we averaged a little more than a million aUEC per hour. Now that the player cap almost doubled, it was no longer possible to use old tactics as the game dynamic has almost completely changed compared to previous events..

This was a fantastic opportunity for us to work together and develop further as individuals and as a group. We will take these experiences and develop ourselves and our methods and training to improve our community.

Although one of our goals at these events is to make as much money as possible, the most important thing is to have a fun experience in a safe community. Big thanks to all the 7Hillers who participated and thanks to all the other Citizens in stanton for making this event one of them best JT ever.

Many thanks again to all 7Hillers, our allies, fellow Citizens in the verse and CIG who together made this possible.