Roles and awards

We are happy to announce the creation of roles that tie directly to Star Citizen and 7 Hills Industries.

While some of the roles simply allow you to show your prowess in game in both Air and Land (and more to be added soon) , some of the more advanced roles are directly tied to being in a a security squad or squadron and will allow you to grow both in the game and in 7 Hills Industries.

A variety of new events related to these roles will start popping up which will be available to all, hosted by @Carlito (Planetary) and @Stef_2401 (Interstellar).
While the events are open to all, some role assignation will only be granted for those joining a squad/squadron or already in a squad/squadron so keep an eye out for these and make sure you read the information in the event.

At the moment you are allowed to have a career in both existing squad/squadron if you pass the qualifications to join.

Fortuna One is the Planetary Security Squad, lead by @Carlit0
52nd Stellaris is the Interstellar Security Squad, lead by @Stef_2401

Self certification roles are already available in the new AWARDS channel for each of the divisions, and information on requirements to join squads/squadrons are all pinned in the submission channels.
Ensure you read the pinned message in the submission channel in how you can receive a role before posting!!!