Server Meshing Breakthrough

Based on the detailed updates from CitizenCon 2953 and the recent Letter from the Chairman dated March 14, 2024, we can provide a more detailed summary of Server Meshing and its implementation in Star Citizen:

  1. Persistent Entity Streaming (PES): Introduced in Alpha 3.18, PES is a critical component for Server Meshing, handling the persistent state of objects in the game universe. This foundational technology is vital for the dynamic allocation of game areas across servers.
  2. Replication Layer: Set to be released in Alpha 3.23, the replication layer is a significant milestone. It forms the backbone of Server Meshing, facilitating the seamless transition of data and player actions between servers. This layer is crucial for the game’s stability, particularly in reducing the impact of server crashes on players.
  3. Multi-Server Mesh in 4.0: With the planned launch in version 4.0, Star Citizen aims to implement its first multi-server mesh. This iteration will allow for dedicated servers for planets, moons, landing zones, and key locations. It represents a monumental step towards the vision of a shared universe, where player interactions and events can occur on an unprecedented scale.
  4. Technical Preview and Testing: Leading up to these releases, the team at Cloud Imperium Games has conducted various technical previews and tests with the community. These include tests of Jump Gates and travel between systems, highlighting the successful implementation of Server Meshing components and setting records for concurrent players in a single instance.
  5. Future Configurations and Experiments: Looking ahead, the team plans to explore various server mesh configurations, including multiple game servers per solar system and seamless transitions without gates. These experiments will further refine the technology, aiming for layouts where servers can be dedicated to entire planets or specific locations, enhancing the gameplay experience with higher player counts and richer interactions.

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