Someone Else passed away

We regret to inform you that the highly esteemed Someone Else has passed away. The death of Someone Else leaves a void that will be hard to fill. Someone Else always went above and beyond the efforts of an average person. Whenever a task arose that was unpleasant, challenging, or required even the slightest bit of courage, the reaction was: “Let Someone Else do it.” Whenever resources were lacking, the reaction was: “Let Someone Else provide.”

It was widely known that Someone Else made tremendous contributions throughout their life. Whenever there was a need for volunteers or more resources, everyone assumed that Someone Else would step in. Someone Else was a wonderful individual, often seeming superhuman. A single person can only do so much. Truth be told, everyone expected far too much from Someone Else. Someone Else always set a good example. Now that Someone Else is gone, we wonder what we will do. Who will do all the things that Someone Else did? Who will provide as Someone Else did? We must realize that from now on, we cannot rely on Someone Else. We must take action ourselves. We can no longer depend on the contributions of Someone Else!