Stanton’s Plunder Run: The Great Caterpillar Heist

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Stanton’s Plunder Run: The Great Caterpillar Heist is an exciting event in which we, the members of 7Hills Industries, unite to carry out a daring and meticulously planned operation to stop pirates from delivering drugs throughout the Stanton System.

As a Star Citizen organization, we are dedicated to making the universe a safer place by combating criminal activities such as drug smuggling. In this event, we collaborate and strategize to intercept and disable the pirates’ Caterpillar ships – the primary vehicles used for drug transportation.

We assume various roles, such as pilots, gunners, and boarding teams, to ensure the success of the operation. We also work together to gather intelligence, plan the heist, and execute it with precision to minimize casualties and collateral damage.

Together, we demonstrate the core values of 7Hills Industries – teamwork, dedication, and a commitment to creating a safer universe for all Star Citizens.

By participating in Stanton’s Plunder Run: The Great Caterpillar Heist, we not only make a difference in the fight against drug smuggling but also strengthen our bonds as an organization. #starcitizen

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