Status – Security department

Many people ask why we, as an industrial organization, put so much focus on our security department.

The reason is because that gameloop is one of the most developed and the one that enables us to arrange evenengang. When other more industrial gameloops come, we will of course set up the corresponding department, but right now the focus is on the security department.

A functioning security department will be important for us to protect our employees and resources so we want to start training ASAP.

A clear goal for us in the next few months is to build up our security department. We are recruiting
actively security operators for ground and flight to our department. We have appointed the first squad leaders for ground and air and have started regular training sessions on Saturdays.

We have also developed a digital tool that enables our members to check up on different citizens and depending on the status of an organization they belong to or are affiliated with, we will easily know if the person we meet is someone we can trust or is an enemy .

Developing new tools that give our members a more enjoyable and safer gaming experience is a priority for us.

Do you feel like you want to join our journey and be part of our security department? We are looking for everything from single players, groups of friends to smaller groups to lift into our community and train and support so both you and we develop and have fun playing star citizen.

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Of course, we do more than just security pvp events. Come and mine or trade together with us or just come and hang out in our small community

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