Trading Department / PTU Bunker Loot Field Test (B.L.F.T)

04/03/23, 19:30:00 UTC
Trial for Trading Goods (Bunker Loot) ::What:: We are doing a trial Bunker Loot Run. Therefore we need all applicable forces to assist 🙂 The Trading Department needs to prepare for 3.18. Therefore we need to know, what numbers of fine treasures we can get within a certain time frame. What we will collect for the studies: – FS-9s LMGs – P6-LR Snipers – A03 Snipers – Arrowhead Sniper – Grenade Launchers – Missile Launchers – Railguns Short: All items that are not buyable in game. ::Where:: We will meet at Everus Harbor on Hurston prepared for bunker missions! ::Requirements & Gear:: – Armor of choice – One primary weapon of choice – Multitool with tractor beam attachment – Med Gun and Medpens ::Timeframe:: We expect it to take approx. 2 – 3 hours including preparations, depending on the number of participants and motivation.
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trading department / ptu bunker loot field test (b.l.f.t)
trading department / ptu bunker loot field test (b.l.f.t)

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