Trial for an Emergency Supply Run (ESR)

17/11/22, 19:00:00 UTC
TRIAL EVENT We are doing a trial for an emergency or short notice supply request from another Org (Example). Therefore we need all applicable forces to assist. The Org XY asked 7 Hills for the following supplies: – 50 FS-9s LMG – 20 P6-LR Sniper – 15 A03 Sniper – 10 Arrowhead Sniper – 5 Grenade Launchers – 5 Missile Launchers – 5 Railguns We will meet at Port Tressler on MicroTech prepared for bunker missions! Requirements: – Any heavy gear (including big backpack) – One primary weapon of choice – Multitool with tractor beam attachment – Med Gun and Medpens Depending on the number of participants we will split the groups and/or adjust the order.
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trial for an emergency supply run (esr)
trial for an emergency supply run (esr)