Two new services – Bounty Hunt and armd sales

We continue to develop the organization and have two new services to present. We try hard to offer fun player created events to the Star citizen community and to our organization members

From now on, we can offer the purchase of weapons in large volumes. If you want a price proposal, you can fill in the form

We will continue to put the last pieces of the puzzle in place and start advertising on spectrum and reddit when everything is ready.

The second fun thing is that we will offer our clients a bounty hunt service. We will do a thorough investigation before we accept the assignment and send it out in our bounty hunter network

We have created a telegram channel that you can join to receive the bounty hunt missions in the Telegram app in your phone/tablet/computer. We are in a couple of days start looking for bounty hunters who want to join it. So when a customer wants a bounty eliminated. Our bountys is going to get a text with the job description.

Are you curious and want to read more about the concept? read here

Bounty hunter services should be up and running within a few days

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