Welcome to the October newsletter. 

We are approaching the release of 3.18 and all the exciting things that come with that veriosn.

We are also working on building up our security department and have now started a third squad. If you want to join, talk to Carlito & Blurted for planetery and Stef for air compat.

We hope that the Salvaging release in 3.18 will enable us to build and organize a salvaging department in 7Hills. We can’t wait for the 3.18 release and see what opportunities it gives us to organize fun events.

Speaking of events, keep an eye on all the exciting events we will be having in the near future.

We have krugar swarm today

CitizenCom and chill 8th October

A big fps focused event 45 vs 45 players.

Keep an eye on our event in the corner of discord so you don’t miss out on all the exciting happenings.

Gå med i vår discord på www.Join7h.com

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