What did we learn about base building? Citizencon 2953

Introduction: Here is a brief summary of what we know about basebuilding. This thread will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

Goal of Basebuilding: The primary objective of basebuilding is to establish a secure and functional home, focusing on career-oriented structures such as trading ports and warehouses, as well as resource gathering facilities like mining and refinery outposts. Locations and Security:

  1. High Security:
    • Land Claim: Yes
    • Protection: Full protection from the UEE
    • Financial Aspect: High cost, low financial return
    • Taxes and Fees: Applicable
  1. Medium Security:
    • Land Claim: Yes
    • Protection: Partial protection from the UEE
    • Financial Aspect: Medium cost, medium financial return
    • Taxes and Fees: Applicable
  1. Lawless:
    • Land Claim: No
    • Protection: No protection from the UEE
    • Financial Aspect: No cost, high risk, high reward
    • Taxes and Fees: Not applicable
  1. Off the Grid Base:
    • A unique option for basebuilding with different considerations.

Tools for Basebuilding:

  1. Surveyor Tool and Hover Trolley: Suitable for small structures.
  2. Vehicle Support: Enables the construction of small to medium structures.
  3. Ship (Galaxy) RSI Support: Facilitates the building of small to large structures.
  4. Pioneer: Allows for building from small to extra-large structures while remaining mobile and exploring space options.

Land Claim and Basebuilding Mode:

  • Place the tool down, launch a drone, and access land claim mode to view costs and taxes if applicable.
  • In basebuilding mode, utilize an overhead view to plan and test building placements, assess underground resources, and determine necessary building materials.

Fabrication and Building:

  • Buildings require fabrication; bring or build your own with blueprints.
  • Furnish rooms as needed.

Building Types:

  1. Utility:
    • Garage
    • Freight Elevator
    • Landing Pads
    • Store Fronts
  1. Resource Extractors:
    • Mining Lasers
    • Drills and Pumps
    • Water Extractors
    • (Note: These are never fully automated.)
  1. Power Generators:
    • Geothermal
    • Solar Panels
    • Fuel Generator
    • Windmill
    • Fusion Power
    • Batteries
  1. Producers:
    • Fabricators
    • Hydroponics
    • Refineries
    • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  1. Defense:
    • Anti-Air Turrets
    • Anti-Personnel Turrets
    • Shields
    • Etc.
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